Behind the Scenes
Tough times, you can help

Teachers hope to raise money for NID

Several members of NID's Teacher Network, aware of the financial pressures that face Need in Deed, are volunteering to help us raise money through a viral email campaign. Other good friends have offered to join their ranks by forwarding some version of the email below to their friends and colleagues.

Here is a sample email from one of our Network teachers:

Many of you know this has been a rough year for me as a teacher in the School District of Philadelphia. Between No Child Left Behind, the demands from the current administration and the challenges my kids face, it sometimes seems no one recognizes or cares how hard it is to be a teacher in Philly schools.

Need in Deed is a nonprofit organization that supports teachers like me who want to provide an education that is meaningful and relevant to young people. With NID's support, I help my students research problems that impact their lives directly -- bullying, child abuse, drug-related violence, urban blight -- and then develop a project that addresses the problem. It's an awesome way to teach! NID understands the challenges I face and provides resources and recognition -- both for me and my students. Teaching this way reminds me why I went into the profession.

Like many nonprofits, NID is experiencing hard times. They lost significant corporate funding as a result of the economy and severe reductions in a state-run tax credit program. They have had to make serious cutbacks.

So I am asking friends to send a Valentine to Need in Deed.

Together with my colleagues, we hope to raise $50,000 over the next several months, starting in February, to help Need in Deed continue to support the more than 1,400 young people whose lives are touched by their work.

A gift of any size will help. Just click here to make a donation: http://needindeed.org/express.php

Please help us reach our goal.