Behind the Scenes
NID night at Wachovia Center: lots of fist pumping

The 76ers’ coach analyzed the team’s season recently by saying the team didn’t "mesh and jell" early in the season. NID teachers and their Classroom Partners, on the other hand, did plenty of meshing and jelling Friday, March 26th at the Wachovia Center as NID staff, teachers and friends gathered together to watch a 76ers game.

The idea behind the event, sponsored by our friends at Comcast Interactive Media, was to create an opportunity for NID teachers and their Classroom Partners to get to know one another. Little did we know the 76ers would rally and handily beat the favored Atlanta Hawks 105 to 98, adding to the air of festivity.

The littlest NID'er, Kim and Eli Lesser's son Miles, age 2, fairly exhausted himself with his enthusiastic fist pumping!

The "starting line-up" that night included:

  • Joe Moorman, teacher at Stetson Middle School, who is partnered with the Phillies for his class' project on animal abuse. Representing the Phillies were Meghan Essman, Director of Fan Development & Education, Mary Ann Gettis and Teresa Leyden. The Phillies had visited Joe's class just that morning, so they had lots to talk about.
  • Jasmine Williams, teacher at Logan Elementary School, who is partnered with Anthropologie for her class' project on animal abuse. Jasmine brainstormed with Meg Liekar and Joanna Follman about Anthropologie designers' upcoming visit to help students come up with designs and slogans for the custom t-shirts they plan to create for their project.
  • Leslie Greenberg, from Cooke Middle School, met Dana Brown, from National Penn Bank. Leslie's class is planning a charity basketball event this spring in connection with their project on teen violence.
  • Gwen Huett and Charron Zieglar-Fayall reconnected with Chelsea Badeau, from Comcast, whom they first met when Chelsea and several of her colleagues visited Grover Washington Jr. Middle School for a December meet & greet event planned by the students.