Teacher Tribute
NID Network member Lisa Hantman guides students in project that gets attention of policymakers

Third graders at McCall address members of Philadelphia City Council

‘Know any nine-year-olds who have presented their research findings on a citywide problem to members of City Council?

Meet the students in Lisa Hantman's 3rd grade class at McCall Elementary School.

It’s the next to the last day of school and you can hear the excitement in the playground at McCall Elementary School.

Inside Lisa introduces us to three of her students, who are eager to tell us the details of the Need in Deed project they did this year on homelessness.

Lucien Hearn, Michelle Hu and Robby Gomez talk about how the class decided to host a "political summit," which resulted in their presenting what they learned to the members of Philadelphia City Council.

“In the debate that led to our project’s topic,” says Lisa, “the children made it clear that we must focus on this issue.

“At one point all of them began sharing stories of their experiences with those who are homeless,” she said. “It convinced me that this wasn’t something from which I could shield them. It was in their lives already, and our looking closer at the issue could only ease anxieties and increase awareness.”

Listen to Lucien, Michelle and Robby talk about what they learned.