Behind the Scenes
Research study reveals NID's positive impact on students

Research for Action completes rigorous evaluation of Need in Deed

A recently released evaluation of our work by Research for Action uncovered positive impacts in several key areas.

Most affirming was the summary finding that NID is "a particularly powerful intervention in the middle school years, widely accepted to be a particularly challenging time for educators."

Many of the program's strongest impacts were seen among this age cohort, including impact on academic achievement, classroom climate and civic attitudes.

When measured against a comparison group, students who participated in NID guided service-learning projects performed better than non-participating students on a range of attitudinal, behavioral and academic measures.

Among elementary school students, the data indicates:

  • fewer suspensions
  • higher math standardized test scores
  • greater gains in cognitive ability in the area of discerning causes and sequencing (cause and effect)

Among middle school students, the data indicates:
  • greater student-teacher trust
  • greater concern for others
  • higher reading and math standardized test scores

Working in a challenging urban district, Need in Deed managed to have a broad and holistic impact on classrooms and students.

For more information about the study, contact Need in Deed.