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Words of advice from a 13-year-old to her teacher

Mia Richie interviews former teacher Steve Saba

We asked McCall Elementary's 6th grade teacher Steve Saba if he would be willing to be interviewed by one of his former students, Mia Richie.

Last year Mia and her classmates conducted an academically rigorous project on water pollution, guided by NID's My Voice framework. Mia was one of the students in her class chosen to present what they had learned to a group of corporate sponsors for NID last spring at the law offices of Cozen O'Connor.

Proud of his students and their academic achievement, Steve was clearly thrilled to have a student ask him about his life and how he decided to become a teacher.

Listening to their interview may prompt you to spend extra time with a colleague or student this holiday season. In the words of StoryCorps founder Dave Isay, "Listening is an act of love."

The stories on NID's website this November are produced in partnership with StoryCorp's National Day of Listening, an effort to encourage people to take the time to listen to the stories of those they love.