Behind the Scenes
Need in Deed Night at the Phillies: May 3rd

Watch the Phils and raise money for NID

"If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" Winter is here and fans of "The Fightin's" can already taste the peanuts and Crackerjack. . . Speaking of, our good friends at the Phillies have made us a generous offer: sell 500 tickets to the May 3rd night game -- Phillies against the Washington Nationals -- and one of our students can throw out the first ball! How cool is that?!!

By the way, this will be Jason Werth's first time back in Philly. And, more importantly, $8 out of every $20 ticket sold will benefit Need in Deed.

When the announcement was made at NID’s December Teacher Soirée a shout went up from the assembled gathering. Teachers began texting friends and members of our Classroom Partnership Advisory Board started strategizing ways to get their colleagues to come.

Given how popular the Phillies are, this may be the only way you can see a game without a season ticket.

To ensure your place, order now.

When you enter the Phillies/Major League Baseball portal, be sure to use the promotion code “NEED.”