Behind the Scenes
A Big Surprise ... in Math Class?!

Need in Deed Wins Citizens Bank Champions in Action Award

On January 11, teacher Carla Russell was busily leading her 5th grade class at A.B. Day School in calculating the costs of teen pregnancy as part of their Need in Deed project. But as visitors – and news cameras! – started slipping into the room, it became clear that today wasn’t going to be an ordinary day.

Little did anyone know, Need in Deed was about to be surprised by Citizens Bank officials with a check for $35,000 for being a “Champion in Action.” Reporter Jillian Mele and crew captured the moment for NBC Philadelphia’s 10 Show. Click here to watch the video on our Facebook page!

“It’s not just about the money – although that’s huge! This award will help spread awareness about the work we do,” Executive Director Barbara Dundon told the assembled crowd. “It will help us meet our goal of expanding the number of students we reach from 2,000 to 10,000 in the next five years.”

The excitement in the room was overwhelming as the students cheered for Need in Deed.

“We could not have asked for a better example of Need in Deed’s work in action than Carla’s class here at A.B. Day,” said Need in Deed staff member Kyra Atterbury, who was in on the surprise along with Mrs. Russell and the school’s administration. “These students are incredibly articulate, engaged and ready to spread the word about their project to reduce teen pregnancy. Thank you for hosting our big surprise!”