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Impact: Earth, Animals, Community, and Each Other

Need in Deed Makes a Difference

Reflecting on all the projects Need in Deed facilitated this year, just one word comes to mind: wow! Here are a few of the incredible ways that NID students and teachers made a positive impact through their projects this year, on their communities, the environment, animals, and best of all, each other:

  • Three classes earned a “Litter Free School Zone” designation for their schools from Keep Philadelphia Beautiful.
  • Several classes held donation drives to benefit local animal welfare organizations, and one class even adopted a guinea pig as part of their mission to end animal homelessness.
  • Two classes helped further the efforts of local organizations that work to assist homeless families.
  • Students used technology to take their projects to new heights. Many classes produced videos on topics from sexual assault to gun violence to picking up after your dog. Others created websites on a range of issues including bullying, violence, nutrition, and animal abuse.
  • Students studying similar topics in different schools connected with each other through Skype, blogs and pen pal letters.

We could fill 100 newsletters detailing the hard work, passion, dedication and transformation we saw in NID classrooms this year, but maybe this comment from an 8th grade teacher says it all:

When report cards are filled out there is a section on character. Previously when I filled this section in, most students have received the lowest marks in the ‘shows compassion for others’ category, but now because of Need in Deed, I have filled in a 1 (the highest mark) for every student that has been an active participant in our project… I have never seen this side of the kids but this year, they have all shown compassion because of our project.

Thank you to all our teachers, students, friends and supporters for another amazing school year. Need in Deed has an exciting summer planned, so be sure to keep up with us through our newsletter and on Facebook!