Behind the Scenes
Extraordinary Opportunity in Extraordinary Challenges

Securing the Future of Need in Deed

For over 25 years Need in Deed has been encouraging young people to explore, learn about and address such issues as homelessness, hunger, violence, blight, and other problems that affect the quality of life in Philadelphia. And we’ve been able to do so because of the generosity of friends who share our concern about the education of young people in our city.

Now, at this milestone in our history, NID has the opportunity to support the future growth and development of our work by meeting two simultaneous challenge grants.

The Directors Fund, initiated by a generous grant from the 25th Century Foundation, will enable NID to establish an endowment for our organization. The foundation’s trustees have given NID $50,000 to kickstart the fund, and will give us an additional $50,000 if we can match those funds through gifts from individuals. In order to secure the matching gift from the 25th Century Foundation, NID must meet this fundraising challenge by the end of June.

Need in Deed’s work strengthens the fabric of Philadelphia by leveraging the collective assets of students, teachers, community organizations, corporate partners and individuals. In recognition of this fact, Mrs. Dorrance Hamilton has also challenged us to raise $50,000, which she will match if we can meet this goal before the end of June.

This means NID has the unprecedented opportunity to secure an additional $100,000 for our organization, which would enable us to take our program to another level – impacting more students, training more teachers, involving more community and corporate partners. But it also means we need your help.

Now is the ideal time to make a gift to Need in Deed. We hope you will join us in meeting these extraordinary challenges, to the benefit of students, teachers and our community as a whole.

Please contact Kimberly Kirn, Executive Director, to find out more and to get involved. Call 215.964.9020 or email .

Photos, top to bottom: Powel School 4th graders, 2012-13; Gideon School 3rd graders, 2006-07; McCall 3rd grader, 2011-12.