Behind the Scenes
It’s all about impact

Evaluation. Impact. Outcomes. Need in Deed teachers are no strangers to these words. In fact, they routinely reflect on their professional effectiveness every day as they help their students make social, emotional, and academic gains over the course of the school year.

But teachers aren’t the only ones who care about their impact. Last spring, Need in Deed applied to be part of the Building Evaluation Capacity Initiative (BECI), a program aimed at helping nonprofits better evaluate their programs. With 87 applicants, we were thrilled to be among the 11 chosen to participate in the initiative.

Supported by the Barra Foundation, the Philadelphia Foundation, and the Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation, BECI gives selected nonprofits two years of formal training and individual consultation with The Consultation Center at Yale University. After that, organizations are encouraged to continue the relationship through monthly check-ins with past participants of the program.

The timing for this partnership couldn’t be better. In December the NID Board voted to adopt a 3-year strategic plan that, among other things, seeks to enhance and evaluate our work with Network teachers who have completed at least one year of service-learning training. We expect NID’s involvement in BECI will help us improve our evaluation techniques/methods, ultimately leading to a better understanding of the arc of a Network member’s professional development and suggesting specific ways we can better meet their needs.

Because for us, it’s all about impact.