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Shout Out recognizes top projects

"The Beat's" Laiya St. Clair praises student efforts

What does it take to make a city work? What happens when it doesn’t? And what can we do?

These are some of the questions students in Need in Deed classrooms explored this year in their yearlong service-learning projects as they focused on such problems as addiction, asthma, cancer, child abuse, crime, drugs, the environment, homelessness, littering, recycling, safe driving, urban blight and violence.

At Shout Out, Need in Deed's culminating celebration for students, teachers, administrators, community partners and special friends took time to recognize students for their efforts in addressing tough problems with creativity and passion. The emcee was Laiya St. Clair, co-host of 100.3's top ranked morning radio show "Pooch and Laiya in the Morning."

Classes were recognized whose projects each expressed one of the core components of a successful service-learning project: student voice, curriculum connections, thoughtful reflection, authentic concern, meaningful service and transformation. And four classes received a plaque for "outstanding project" based on their project's overall success and effectiveness.

Awards for "outstanding project" were presented to:

  • Nancy Goldschmidt's 2nd grade class at McClure Elementary school for their project on gun violence;
  • Lisa Hantman's 3rd grade class at McCall Elementary School for their project on littering;
  • Joanna Bottaro's 5th grade class at Andrew Jackson Elementary School for their project exploring the connection between violence and negative messages in hip-hop music, and
  • Elizabeth Soslau's 8th grade class at Grover Washington Jr. Middle School for their project on child abuse.

Besides the awards ceremony, students especially enjoyed the scavenger hunt, the brownies at the reception afterwards and actually getting Laiya's autograph!