Behind the Scenes
Comcast employees get to know “their students”

Classroom Partners share cookies, stories with Ms. Williams' class

“I was excited and nervous about our classroom visit to Jasmine Williams’ class,” confesses Comcast Interactive Media (CIM) employee Jillian O’Brien. “I wasn’t sure what to expect from a group of 4th graders. Would they like us? It turned out to be a great experience. The homemade cookies might have helped a little.”

Jillian was one of 7 CIM employees to visit the class they are paired with through Need in Deed’s Classroom Partnership. The group visited “their class” in late February and spent time reading to students and being read to.

“I was surprised at how well they read and how many of the big words they seemed to truly understand,” said Jillian. “Jasmine is obviously an excellent teacher.”

Chelsea Badeau adds, “It was really interesting to hear what they have done so far with their project on child abuse.”

Ian Pilling agrees. “They took total ownership of their service-learning project and took great pride in explaining what their project was and the process they used to get there. They described voting as a class to select their issue and showed me all the tools they used to break it down and arrive at their response. These kids are tackling a serious issue,” he added, “and they really seem to believe they can have a positive impact on their peers by addressing it.”

The students’ take on the visit was unanimous: “We want them to come back and stay longer!”