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Featured Project

ANIMAL ABUSE: 4th grade, Smith, Lingelbach Elementary School

Grades: 2, 3, 4 and 5 • Curriculum: Social Studies, The Arts and Writing

Essential question: How do animals and people help each other?
School: Anna Lingelbach Elementary School, Philadelphia, PA

Often, as students examine a problem from different perspectives, they find they want to explore an aspect they hadn't previously considered. Take "animal abuse" for example.

This fourth grade class from Anna Lingelbach Elementary School began by focusing on the abuse of domestic animals, such as pit bulls. But after meeting with representatives from Pals for Life (staff, volunteers and their animal "co-workers") and visiting Pegasus Riding Academy to see how the Academy's staff works with physically challenged adults and children, they modified their project.

The students learned about the work done by animals and people together. To share these experiences, they created a portable mural for the school to raise awareness about therapeutic and companion animals.

A student in this class wrote:
"Pegasus Riding Academy is for people of all ages that have problems doing anything with their bodies. Pegasus Riding Academy is about helping people with disabling problems ride horses. Pegasus Riding Academy was all about how horses help disabled people feel much better about themselves."

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