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Featured Project

CHILD ABUSE: 7th grade, Gonzalez-Perez, Clemente Elementary School

Grades: 7, 8 and 9 • Curriculum: The Arts

Essential Question: How can we inform our community about the problem of child abuse?
School: Roberto Clemente Elementary School, Philadelphia, PA

This seventh grade class identified child abuse as the focus for their service- learning project, but it took a while for their enthusiasm to mount. Then community partners started visiting the class and the students understood this was for real.

First was the education coordinator for Congreso de Latinos Unidos, who spoke about child abuse laws and local resources. Then there was a visit from an ad executive from The Star Group, an agency that created award winning public service spots on domestic abuse for United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania. The students were inspired by the ads and decided they wanted to increase awareness of the problem of child abuse. That led to several meetings with the program director from Mega Communications, which owns and operates two local Spanish language radio stations. With his guidance the students wrote their own public service announcements. During a trip to the station, the students recorded a total of seven PSAs that aired throughout the week on both stations.

"Once the kids saw the direction this was going, they got excited. They brought in newspaper articles and told me about TV shows they'd seen on the topic, such as a segment on '20/20.' It was all part of their learning."
  • -Miriam Gonzalez-Perez, teacher

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